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Serving all of Houston and the surrounding area for over 30 years! We are proud to say that we are an AAHA, American Animal Hospital Association, accredited hospital that always provides professional service with personal care.




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Tanglewood Animal Hospital has provided our family with expert, loving and caring veterinary healthcare for the past 13 years. The team has been with us through happy and sad times. We have been treated like part of their extended family, pups, kitties, and people alike.
The Wallace Family
Tanglewood Animal Hospital has taken care of our precious rescue dog since we found each other six years ago. Dr. Noble and her wonderful staff have treated us like family and have been there whenever we needed help. They are the very best!
Ann & Puddin
I’ve been bringing my dog to Tanglewood Animal Hospital for over 15 years. Even after moving out of the neighborhood, I continue to bring them here. Someone once commented that I must drive by a dozen clinics on my way to Tanglewood. I probably do but it’s worth it.
Terese & The Sheltie Gang

Tanglewood Animal Hopital was “created” in 1982 when Dr. Steve Holzheauser combined two separate veterinary practices at our previous location on Woodway. In 1984 I went to work at TAH, and I purchased the practice from him in 1986. In November 2014, he sold the property to developers who had purchased three adjacent properties. We were given 12 months to relocate (which was eventually extended to April 2016 by the current property owners). We found a lease space at 2608 Briar Ridge, just north of the “House of Pies” on Westheimer in a commercial center with Palazzo’s Italian Restaurant, Cap’s Piano Bar, Grooming by Lisa & several other small businesses. I negotiated a long term lease for the space & engaged an architect who created a set of wonderful plans. It took months to obtain our city permits, which delayed the start of construction until October, 2015.  Serious problems with the general contractor led to further delays.  Our architect, J.A. Greene, graciously agreed to take over, and we were back on track.  We opened at our new location on May 02, 2016.  We love our new space (and our clients love it as well)!

Dr. Linda Noble

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